Best Homemade Shower Cleaner – $.10 Per Bottle!


One of the ways I save money is by not buying cleaning products and homemaking them instead. It’s not only less expensive, but often it’s better for your family and the environment to avoid harsh chemicals. Best of all, this recipe only has 2 ingredients: vinegar and Dawn dish detergent.

In a microwave safe bowl or measuring cup, microwave 4 cups of vinegar for 30 seconds. Let cool and pour it into a clean, empty spray bottle. You’ll need a bigger spray bottle than the one pictured or cut the recipe in half for smaller bottles. Next pour 1 cup of Blue Dawn Dish Soap. Shake the bottle to mix ingredients and spray generously on your shower, tub or bathroom surfaces. This mixture will be thick and will stick to the surfaces. Let it sit for as long as you can stand it.

Just as a heads up; DO NOT forget to wash it off good. As a soap base cleaner it’s incredibly slippery even after a good wash down. Secondly, it smells like vinegar, lots and lots of vinegar.  If you have a bathroom fan, you may want use it!

For long-term or heavy dirt stains, it may need some scrubbing. I have had a lot of success with spraying down, waiting 20 minutes, doing a quick scrub down with a green scouring pad, water and a quick rinse. I repeat the process if it calls for it and it did when I started using it. Now that I have used it regularly, the grime doesn’t build up enough to require scrubbing. 🙂

You can use the mixture until it’s gone, there is no need to make a batch each time you clean as it stores nicely. Just reshake before using.

This is one of the cheapest cleaners available! My secrets to keeping the cost down is use a recycled bottle instead of purchasing one. Also contact the companies of these products and ask for coupons. I waited until the products were on sale and had a coupon for both making it a very, very affordable option at a whooping .10 cents per bottle! Wow!

Have you ever tried it? Did it work? Try it and let me know how it worked for you!!! Comment below!



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