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How to Attach a Faucet to a Bucket – Super Easy!

There’s many reason useful reasons to install a dispensing faucet on a bucket! You can make a rain barrel or compost teas for the garden, or in our case a laundry soap dispensing bucket. The faucet allows you to drain liquids without lighting the bucket and a bucket will hopefully save you time in not refilling your supply so often.

What You Will Need

  • Drill
  • Uni Bit drill or a step bit (for making a 3/4 inch hole)
  • 3/4 Inch Faucet – We used a Tomlinson 1018851 Plastic Faucet. It includes two angled washers and a jam nut.

  • Bucket – any size*

For our project of making a liquid laundry soap dispenser, we are using a 2 1/2 gallon food grade frosting bucket (with lid) which can be acquired from any local bakery for FREE! They are more than happy to give them away and are very useful in other projects as well. Plus they come with a handle.


    1. Set the bucket on a work surface and find a drill site about 1 inch from the bottom where you want the faucet to sit. Make sure the area is smooth and avoid the curved bottom rim.


    1. Install the bit onto a drill and turn the drill on. Press it against the chosen location to create a hole in the bucket for the faucet. Turn the drill off and remove.


  1. Insert the faucet from the outside of the bucket to make sure it will fit and remove. Then thread a washer angled side towards the bucket on to the faucet. Insert the faucet on the outside of the bucket and place the other angled washer on the inside. Make sure the angled side of the washers are making contact with each side of the bucket.
  2. Pick up the 3/4-inch jam nut and screw the it on the threaded tube end of the faucet until it is tightly positioned against the washer.
  3. Fill bucket with water just past the faucet, set out for an hour or two and watch for leaking. We tested our seal this way and had no leaks.
  4. (Optional) We did not need to do this for our project but you can reenforce your seal using super glue to attach your washers. You can also use a tube of clear, silicone caulk or liquid nails and apply a thin bead around the entire outside of the faucet where it meets the bucket. Make sure to allow the caulk to dry for the amount of time instructed then use the bucket as desired.