Urban Foraging Journal For 2017


Below you will find a little journal of some of my foraging expeditions. Hopefully they will inspire you to make some of your own. The potential is limitless. *PP=Private Property.

For a complete introduction to urban foraging, click here.

DATE           TYPE              QTY                  PROP TYPE           

Jan 27              Orange                  9 lbs       PP: Janet owner consent.
Jan 27              Tangerines          4 lbs       Same property above, offered freely.
Jan 29              Oranges               3 lbs        PP, neighbor Amiee’s tree.
Jan 30              Oranges                10 lbs     PP, Tammy neighbor’s giveaway.
Jan 30              Lemons                3 lbs        Same property as above.
Feb 7                Oranges                 8 lbs       PP, Michelle porch up.
Feb 7                Tangerines           2 lbs      Same property as above